Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Have you read either of these books?
(Click the pictures to go to the Amazon site, for descriptions, ratings, etc.)

I'm eager to start a new book - one that will pull me in immediately. I've downloaded the samples and they seem promising, but I'd like to hear from my readers - because I like the way you think!

And, if you have another option you'd like to suggest, I'd love to hear it!



Heather said...

We can't keep The Fault in Our Stars on the shelf at my library but I have not personally read it yet. Other more important things have come up to read like Home of the Braised. :)

Marlyn Beebe said...

You've probably already picked one by now, but I had to tell you how wonderful is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.

Here's a link to my review, in case you're interested:

Julie Hyzy said...

Thanks for the input, Heather!

Marlyn - great review. Thank you!