Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Helping Writers Become Published

The Midwest Writers Workshop is coming soon to Muncie, Indiana and I'm extremely pumped because I'm one of the faculty members this year. So excited!

Link to MWW site

The link above will take you to the Workshop's website, which can explain the four-day event in more depth than I can here. I'll be teaching a full-day intensive workshop on Thursday, July 26th called "Writing the Cozy Mystery Novel," which will cover everything from plotting a mystery, to using setting to your best advantage, to creating characters readers love. 

Friday and Saturday I'll be teaching three breakout sessions:

*Writing Dialogue in Crime Fiction

*The Voices in Your Head: When to pay attention, when to ignore

*Danger, Will Robinson! Avoid Mistakes that could get your Manuscript Rejected

Along the way, I'll be critiquing manuscripts and participating in conference activities. There are so many wonderful choices and fabulous faculty. You really should visit think link - Midwest Writers Workshop - to read all about it.

If you're interested in attending, don't delay. I think there are still a few spots open, but I can't be sure. I know a few people who are planning to attend... How about you?


Maryann said...

This will be my third time at MWW and I have to say I learn something new every time...not to mention meeting people every bit as serious as I am about the craft. No egos here, and the faculty is always wonderful, the agents approachable, and the food delicious! One of the best values in mid-America for writers :o)

Julie Hyzy said...

As you know, Maryann, this is my first time at MWW and I'm gearing up to give the best possible value for everyone's time. Looking forward to seeing you there!