Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Waiting for Peter Tork

When I was a little girl, I adored the Monkees. Absolutely loved their zany adventures and even though it seemed as though everyone else went ga-ga over Davy, it was Peter who captured my pre-teen heart.

I might have been a bit young for a real crush when the show originally aired, so I imagine I got caught up in reruns. No matter. At some point my family bought me an album - The Monkees HEADQUARTERS.

I hadn't heard most of the songs on the Headquarters album, and my all-time favorites at that point, the "Here We Come" theme song and "I'm a Believer" weren't even on it. But I loved the cover. I thought Peter, mugging for the camera and goofing off, was just the cutest. This was my first album, ever, and I hurried to play it on one of our many record players. My brother was (and is) into fixing things, so we always had bunches of electrical goodies around.

I liked the songs. All of them. So I played it again. And again. And again.

I grew to love "Shades of Gray." I thought it was so deep. (You know?) So. Deep.

And then, I came up with what I *knew* was the most genius idea ever. Even though it wasn't on this particular album, I remembered that the Monkees theme song promised that "you'll never know where we'll be found," and "we're maybe coming to your town."

To a young girl, this was opportunity! I took to playing Headquarters at the loudest volume imaginable. Why? Firstly, because I knew, I just knew, that at some point the Monkees would come to my town. They would walk past my house and -- when they heard their music being played -- they would naturally stop in to say hello. And secondly, because my mom made me play the record in the basement, I needed to really crank it up if I expected it to be heard outside.

Now you have to understand, I played one side, flipped it, played the other side, flipped, etc. There was no end. I didn't want to miss my chance because it might be today that they walked by. Or tomorrow...

Anyway, with the recent loss of Davy, I've been thinking about the Monkees more lately, remembering how much enjoyment they brought me oh-so-long ago. I have a photo from a friend here, hanging over my desk. She took the pic at a concert about a year ago (Peter, Davey, Mickey only). I recently checked out their images online. So what if he's 70 years old now? That Peter is *still* so cute.

I pulled out a CD collection my brother gave me for a birthday a few years back. It's a great collection, a huge multi-disk set, but it doesn't have a couple of the more unusual offerings of Headquarters, like "Zilch" and "Band 6" but Headquarters is available online. Found it at and ordered it a couple of days ago. It showed up this afternoon.

My favorites have changed and shifted through the years. I think my current favorite is "You Just May be the One," because I remember my mom singing it when I finally came back upstairs after hanging in the basement all day. She'd roll her eyes and chant "All men must... have someone" over and over,  doing a little dance, claiming she'd still be hearing that song in her sleep. Memories of mom are always great and I realize just how incredibly indulgent and patient she and my dad were with me (us). My childhood homelife was wonderful and the Monkees (whether they knew it or not) were a part of that.

Oh my gosh - "Mr. Webster" is on now - I'd forgotten about that one. Kind of a mystery story, with a fun little twist at the end.

Yep, I'm playing the new CD as I type. The Monkees' music never fails to lighten my heart and make me smile.

Plus, you never know. Peter may happen to walk by.


PJ Nunn said...

Love it!


Su G said...

He might, cross your fingers :)
I loved them all, each at different times. I was either a fickle girl or just deciding my taste in men. I am told there is a crate of albums in my mom's house that I must pick up or lose, do you think all my Monkee's albums are in there?

Julie Hyzy said...

I hope they are, Su! Better get them quick!

misreall said...

Great, now I had to go buy You Just May Be the One. Thanks, Julie!

For the record, Mike was the first great love of my life. I still love a Southern accent.

Julie Hyzy said...

I have grown to appreciate Mike over the years, though I never had a crush on him the way I did Peter. Micky was always my second favorite, and I figured Davy had enough girls screaming after him - he wouldn't even notice I wasn't one of them. But I did "dig" Mike's drawl.