Thursday, May 17, 2012

Do you love cozy mysteries?

Do you love cozy mysteries enough to proclaim your affection for the genre on a shiny new coffee mug? If so, then you're in the right place!

I just love this mug, don't you? I think the colors are gorgeous and the fact that the mug features the cover of Grace Interrupted (second in the Manor House series) makes me love it all the more

I have not one, not two, but THREE of these mugs that I'd be delighted to give away. All you have to do to be eligible to win one is to write and post a review on Amazon for the NEW book, Grace Among Thieves before June 10, 2012. (See "What you need to know" below.)

It's incredibly important to get reviews up on a book's Amazon site early, and I'm hoping this incentive will encourage some early buzz.

In case you're wondering why I'm offering a mug with the second book's cover on it instead of the new one's, it's because this cover features little Bootsie. She plays a role in the new adventure as well, but she didn't make the cover this time (shh... don't tell her).


- GRACE AMONG THIEVES comes out June 5, 2012 and that's the earliest Amazon reviews can be posted.

- To get this cozy mug, please write an honest review (5 sentences or longer) for GRACE AMONG THIEVES and post it to Amazon before noon (Central Time) on June 10, 2012. (I'd be thrilled if you posted it to or elsewhere as well, but that's just an aside.) As much as I'd like to specify that reviews be positive, that wouldn't be fair. All I'm asking for is your honest opinion and that the review be *at least* five sentences long.

- As soon as you post the review *CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL* immediately and let me know that you've written an Amazon review. Include your snail mail address. I'll jot your information down. On Monday, June 11th, I will draw three names from those whose reviews were posted by the deadline, and get the mugs in the mail right away.

- The book comes out June 5th and the reviews need to be up by noon on June 10th. That means some quick reading, but it also means your chances of winning are very good. Reviewers who don't contact me via email to let me know about their post won't be considered, so don't forget to let me know!

- I will be at Printers Row in Chicago most of Saturday/Sunday June 9-10th, so if I don't acknowledge receipt of your email, don't worry. I'll respond as soon as I get home.

- Professional reviewers (those of you who receive books ahead of release date) are not eligible for this giveaway, but believe me when I tell you that you have my undying gratitude.

- Humble apologies, but U.S. addresses only.

- If the response to this is extra good, I reserve the right to give away an extra mug!

I do have an extra after all - and I'll give that one away to a lucky reviewer of a review. Same rules apply - review from a non-professional, posted between June 5th (release day) and noon  June 10th. Email me to let me know you submitted a review and I'll pull one lucky name from all eligible entries.


Grace Among Thieves
Mystery Lovers Bookshop
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Thank you! Hope you enjoy Grace's newest adventure!


Booklady said...

I have already pre-orderd my copy. Even before you posted this contest, this book was on the top of my summer TBR list.

Julie Hyzy said...

Thank you, Booklady! I hope you enjoy Grace's new adventure. I really had fun writing this one.

Yummers! said...

I just pre-ordered my copy. Can't wait to read and review it. The mug is so adorable!

FYI... I bought your white house series for my Kindle. Then, the other day at B&N, I picked up the whole set in paperback (I love the covers). Then I downloaded the whole set to Don's, my writing partner, Kindle. Is it obvious I love your books?

Oshkosh Hugs,
Joni Possin

Julie Hyzy said...

Oh, Joni, I want to reach through the computer and gie you a big hug! Thank you - to you and to Don! I may email you soon. Have you heard of a TV show called The Morning Blend?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'll also post it on GoodReads as well since that's my point of reference when I buy my next cozy. Looks like I need to finish up State of the Onion before the 5th then!!

Adrienne said...

Hi Julie....the book will be in my hands June 5th and I promise the review will be at Amazon and B & N on Saturday. But alas, you've told me my snail mail doesn't show up on your data base. What's a fan to do? So I'll read and write and send my info and hopefully you'll get it via email. I felt your last Grace was your very best. So I can't wait to read this next one!(and 'win' the mug, of course!!With all your fans, you might have to produce hundreds for us) :-)

Julie Hyzy said...

Thank you, Hope! I'd love that! Goodreads is such a fabulous site!

Julie Hyzy said...

Adrienne - no worries. As long as you email me your address, it'll be good. The newsletter that I send goes out via email, and another will be sent on Tuesday so maybe this time it'll get through. Vertical Response admitted to having a few issues on my last send. Fingers crossed!

Kristin said...

Julie, is there any where I can buy the mugs? I collect coffee mugs and would love one, but there's no way I'm going to get the book read and reviewed by Sunday, especially since I have to read the other two books first and I'm in the middle of another book. I read the White House Chef series and absolutely loved it.

Kristin Humphreys

Julie Hyzy said...

I''m so sorry, Kristin - when I ordered the mugs I didn't ever consider selling them and I just have enough for the contest. Others have asked this too, and if the mugs continue to be popular, I may order more. Have to think about that.