Monday, April 23, 2012

Cozy Chicks

In case I've forgotten to mention lately, I'm blogging with THE COZY CHICKS on Mondays for a little while, until Kate Collins comes back to resume the Monday spot.

Here's the link: Cozy Chicks

- What else is new? I'm working on Grace #4 (tentatively titled GRACE ON A PLANE)
- I've sent out all the bookmarks requested by readers. If yours haven't arrived yet, let me know.
- I'm having lunch tomorrow with an author friend which means I'm actually getting out of the house on a weekday. That happens so seldom and yet, I met another friend last week for lunch, too. Weirdest part? Two different friends chose the same restaurant! Good thing I like this one!
- On a personal note, we're still deep in basement-cleaning mode. We came to a bit of a standstill yesterday, but it's a good place to be. Looking forward to the girls being home so they can go through some of the piles we left for them.
- Had a lovely visit at the Lisle Library on Thursday. The good news is that I love visiting libraries, the bad news is that I've got a packed summer and I've had to turn so many down lately.

When I called up this site today, I realized that Blogger has a new look for posting. I'm just test-driving it now.

We'll see how this goes!

Don't forget to visit The Cozy Chicks!

~until next time


Yummers! said...

My book (Sliced n' Diced the 1st in The Food Truck Mystery series)is moving along, however my partner in crime (Don) is in Montana for 2 weeks and I miss his input.

I'll hop on over to Cozy Chicks and see what you have to say.

Oshkosh hugs,
Joan Possin

Julie Hyzy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Joan! So glad the writing is clipping along! Keep at it!