Monday, April 23, 2012

Cozy Chicks

In case I've forgotten to mention lately, I'm blogging with THE COZY CHICKS on Mondays for a little while, until Kate Collins comes back to resume the Monday spot.

Here's the link: Cozy Chicks

- What else is new? I'm working on Grace #4 (tentatively titled GRACE ON A PLANE)
- I've sent out all the bookmarks requested by readers. If yours haven't arrived yet, let me know.
- I'm having lunch tomorrow with an author friend which means I'm actually getting out of the house on a weekday. That happens so seldom and yet, I met another friend last week for lunch, too. Weirdest part? Two different friends chose the same restaurant! Good thing I like this one!
- On a personal note, we're still deep in basement-cleaning mode. We came to a bit of a standstill yesterday, but it's a good place to be. Looking forward to the girls being home so they can go through some of the piles we left for them.
- Had a lovely visit at the Lisle Library on Thursday. The good news is that I love visiting libraries, the bad news is that I've got a packed summer and I've had to turn so many down lately.

When I called up this site today, I realized that Blogger has a new look for posting. I'm just test-driving it now.

We'll see how this goes!

Don't forget to visit The Cozy Chicks!

~until next time

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last-minute here! I forgot to post this (I meant to, but the week got very busy). Oops!

I'll be at the Lisle, IL library tonight! Very excited to talk with the Murder Among Friends book discussion group and other Lisle Library patrons!

All the details here:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Million Dollar Idea!!

First in the
White House Chef
Mystery series
Hey, Marriott, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Waldorf, Westin, Sheraton, and other upscale hotel groups: I have a million dollar idea for you that came from my musings as I plotted my next WHChef mystery: 

Build a hotel in that's a replica of the White House! 

Genius idea, isn't it?

Don't skimp on the details - make it a real destination. Keep it as authentic as possible, with guest rooms in the "East" and "West" wings, as well as the President's suite and the Lincoln Bedroom, of course. I bet you'd sell out every night.

I'd book a room there, for sure.

Have fun with the idea ...

Oh, and keep me posted! 

Monday, April 09, 2012

Saturday in Menasha, Wisconsin!!

Hey, by the way, if you're in Wisconsin, there's a wonderful book festival going on this week - The Fox Cities Book Festival. It begins April 11th through the 18th and I'm doing two presentations there on Saturday, April 14th:

From White House Chefs to Museum Curators: Creating Memorable Characters at the Menasha Public Library
An Author Presentation and Q&A at the Fox Valley Technical College Library.

I hope you can be there for one of these events! Let me know if you'll be there!


Blogging on Cozy Chicks

I'm very excited to be blogging with THE COZY CHICKS on Mondays now. This is a temporary gig, but I wanted to mention it here in case anyone was wondering why I've been so quiet of late.

Come by and visit - If you haven't met the Cozy Chicks before, you're in for a treat!