Monday, March 12, 2012

Woo-hoo! Monday Morning

Don't get me wrong, I do love my weekends, but Mondays dawn chock-ful of promise and potential. Every Monday I look at the calendar and plan for how many real "writing days" I have ahead of me during the week. This week, for instance, is Spring Break for my kids and I'll have all three daughters home at some point (though not all three at once). That means limited writing time, but all three prefer sleeping late I like to get up early, so I should be able to keep the word count flowing.

Right now I'm working on Grace #4, tentatively titled GRACE ON A PLANE. I'm experiencing a slow start (so what else is new?) but I think I have a good idea of where the story is going and I hope to pump out lots and lots of words this week. The best part is that once the story is there, it's so much easier to see it, and to feel what's right. Until I get those words down, everything is iffy.

Speaking of getting words down, I realized a couple days ago that it's been ten years (can't believe it!) since I participated in a two-week Master Class on the Oregon coast with two fascinating, generous, and learned teachers: Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rush. Visit my personal FB page to see a photo of our group.

Ten years ago, we all converged on Dean and Kris's house (don't worry, we were invited), and we lived there together for two weeks while we wrote, ate, wrote, slept, wrote, and wrote. Those two weeks were life changing for me. I learned a lot about my writing and about myself. I discovered that I could write a 3,000 word story - every single day - while also critiquing my colleagues' work, while also completing a grammar assignment and a technique assignment.

Those two weeks were wonderful. Even at the time, suffering from lack of sleep, oddball eating hours, and the stress of making every daily deadline, I knew this was the best thing that had ever happened to me in my writing life. I still believe that.

We were out there from March 2 - 17th, if I recall correctly, so it's been exactly ten years. The time has flown, and I dearly miss the only participant no longer with us - Ken Rand. Although most of us keep in touch (a little with some, a lot with others), Ken and I kept in touch more often, emailing daily after he was diagnosed with a terminal disease, until he died. I miss him a great deal.

Anyway, this Monday morning, I'm planning my plotting, thinking about Ken, thinking about my Oregon adventure, and looking forward to a good week of words.

What do you have planned?

By the way, I'm transitioning from a FB personal page (where I think I drive friends and relatives nuts with all the book talk) to an author page. I'm still keeping the personal page current with book news for now, but I'm hoping to make the change over the next few months. To that end - if you're interested in book news, please "like" my Facebook Author page at this LINK.


Dru said...

I love Mondays too. Not much going on - have a couple of project to get through.

Julie Hyzy said...

Good luck with your projects!
I wonder if people will think you and I are weird for liking Mondays, Dru, but I find them fun. So full of possibility!

Gigi said...

I personally am not a fan of Mondays. It means the end of my weekend and the beginning of another stress filled weekend. However the upside to Mondays is that it is really slow at work and I am able to work on my writing in between projects at work. LOL So Mondays do shape up to be good..

Julie Hyzy said...

Gigi, you sound as decisive as I am sometimes! It's always great to have writing time, isn't it?