Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Life for an Old Blog - I'm going with my gut

It's like this: I believe there are a lot of people in this world who are blogged out. Readers and bloggers alike. There are exceptions, of course, and let me take this opportunity to send a shout out to my friends at the oh-so fabulous Mystery Lovers' Kitchen where the wonderful women there come up with great stories and great recipes every single day. I do miss being part of that group, but I couldn't keep up with the weekly posts.

I'm digressing. Let's try this again...

I've had this blog for years now, but I don't think I've ever posted more than three days in a row. I could go check (I won't) but I bet I've averaged fewer than five posts a month. If that.

Internet-savvy experts tell us that if you don't post every single day, you risk losing readership. Or, at a minimum, you risk losing the opportunity to build readership.

That may be true, but I find blogging to be so "me, me, me-" centered that I'm uncomfortable doing it. When I have news or want to share a success I'm happy to do it here, but then - again - that's all about me. I get tired of talking about myself. And - I dunno - maybe it's just my upbringing, but it feels icky and conceited.

So what to do?

Being an author these days means you must have a way for readers to contact you. I have a website, so that's covered. Websites, however, have limitations. I don't have personal control over content because I'm not that tech-savvy. It often takes weeks to get updates implemented or a new book cover put up there. There are times I want things done... now. Or I have a fun story to share... now

Facebook is great for interacting, and believe me, I do. But (shocker!) not everyone is on Facebook, and while I can get away with fun quips and questions there, if I want to share a particularly poignant or profound story, that isn't the place for it. I can leave a link there and get into the nitty gritty here.

So what's all this about, anyway? And what does it have to do with my gut?

I'm glad you asked.

From now on I'm going to post only when I actually have something meaningful to say. Or when there's information to share. Despite what all the experts say, my gut tells me it's wrong to use this space to simply blather about nothing, just as long as I do it every day. I haven't done that very much in the past, and I've felt guilty about *not* blathering. Can you believe it? No more.

Starting today I'm revamping. I may post once a week, I may post once a month, I may post two days in a row if necessary. But when I do post it will be because there's a story to share. Something worth reading.

I hope you'll continue to stop by. I've added a subscribe button to make it easier. If you don't want to worry about visiting or missing a blog, just subscribe in the box above and we'll be all set.

In the meantime, please take a look around. Even though the setup and design are new, even though I've added pages and learned (sort of) what RSS means, I'm sure I can still make improvements. Let me know what you like and what you don't. My favorite thing is to hear from readers... leave a comment or drop me an email! The next couple of days may see a few glitches. I expect that, and if you happen to visit during one of them, my apologies.

Help me give new life to this old blog.
Thanks for listening.

Stay cool out there...


NoraA said...

Is sounds like a very doable plan Julie. I follow you here, get your newsletter, see you on FB, and on Twitter and I imagine you're also on Google +, in which case you're also in my circle of author friends.

Julie Hyzy said...

Thanks, Nora! I haven't joined Google + yet. I'm worried about the time it will take to get that rolling and keep it updated. So much pulling at our time these days, huh?

Loralee said...

Thanks, Julie, for doing exactly what I think a blog should do. I've just spent most of the day launching my first blog site and haven't written one page in my WIP! I'm blogging one day a week for now and hope that's often enough. I'd settle for once a month if I thought it would work for me. Maybe I will back off after my book comes out in Sept.
Anyway, I'll subscribe to your blog and look forward to reading it whenever it pops up!

Julie Hyzy said...

I hear you, Loralee! Thanks for subscribing. I seem to be writing more words now that I'm not always worried about a blog post - here and at Mystery Lovers' Kitchen - so I think this is a good move. Best of luck on your current WIP and woo-hoo!!! for the one coming out in September!! Looking forward to hearing more!

tammy said...

Blogging can be brutal. Nothing makes you feels quite so empty headed as when you feel pressured to come up with something witty and pithy. When I started blogging once a week, my readership increased. Every once in a while, I go two weeks, and get more subscribers. Hmmm, so the lesson learned here is....there are no real rules. Have at it, have fun and keep those witty posts coming. I'm a new fan.

Julie Hyzy said...

Tammy you made me laugh! I love that there are no rules. I'm up against a tight deadline, so I probably won't update here for a while. But I'm betting that will be okay!