Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kindle Book Two-for-One (sorta) Offer

My ebook, PLAYING WITH MATCHES by N.C. (Not Cozy) Hyzy, could sure use some reviews on Amazon. So, I'm willing to trade...

If you write and post a review on Amazon.com (it's not required that you like the book, though I hope you do), alert me via email (see details below) after the review posts and I'll "gift" you your choice of one of my other Kindle ebooks or short story collections below. It's kind of like getting a two-for-one. A BOGO sale. Buy One Get One. You buy, read, and review Playing With Matches and you get one of the following for free:

Artistic License - a standalone romantic suspense and my first published novel

Deadly Blessings - Alex St. James is a news reporter in Chicago. In this "first in series" book, she takes on corruption in the Catholic Church.

Deadly Interest - Second in the series, Alex seeks to find out who killed her elderly neighbor and along the way discovers much more than she bargained for.

Deadly Shorts - Two Alex short stories

Short Story Collection - Two non-mystery stories

Mystery Short Stories - Two short stories by N.C. Hyzy

Science Fiction Short Stories - Two short stories by S.F. Hyzy

I have no idea if this will take off and hundreds of people will want to write reviews, or if no one will even notice this post  I plan to announce it on Facebook and Twitter over the next day or so. Because I'm paying for the gifted books myself, I need to limit this offer to the first 25 people who post reviews. 

Here are the important details in order to get a free Kindle book:

- You need to read Playing With Matches by N.C. Hyzy (a slightly harder edged mystery than what I usually write) and be one of the first 25 to post a review on its Amazon.com page. There are five reviews there right now, so there are only 20 chances left.
- Once the review is posted and available to the public, let me know by contacting me at my email: JulieHyzy(at)gmail(dot)com. Please use the email address associated with your Kindle account.
- Please also tell me which book you want gifted to you.

*NOTE* If you've already read and reviewed Playing With Matches on Amazon, thank you! Now, drop me an email with your choice of the above ebooks and I'll get it right out to you.

Do you have any questions?

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