Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And this is why Grace got a cat...

I've mentioned this before, but I never planned to have a cat. And to be honest, this one is only on extended loan until our middle daughter is out of school. Yes I can hear you all now... "sure, sure."

This is Kitka. She's the main reason why Grace finds a kitten (Bootsie) on her driveway in my next novel, Grace Interrupted.

So in this cozy mystery, instead of simply solving a murder, running all of Marshfield Manor, and dealing with cranky Frances, Grace has to find out who the real kitten's owners are.

To find out if she's successful in any of the above, please tune in June 7th when Grace Interrupted debuts!


Heather said...

Awe.....what a beautiful feline. :) I'm glad the new book will have a cat in it. It will only make your books even better. Well for me anyway. :) Hoping to finish up the third White House book this weekend. I didn't even plan to be reading it at Easter but it just worked out that way! :) Then going to dive into Buffalo West Wing. Love the "Grace" book too but I'm caught up to date on that series, well until the new one comes out. :)

Julie Hyzy said...

Thanks, Heather. How fun that you're reading EGGS during this season! Hope you're enjoying it! She is a cute kitty, isn't she? I'm really happy that she decided to happen past Grace's house.