Thursday, March 03, 2011


A couple of days ago I called a local business about getting an estimate for some work to be done here at our house. We spoke on the phone for a few minutes and I discovered she's not just the estimator, she's the owner of the business. Cool. We made an appointment for 10:00 this morning for her to come out to assess.

Ten came and went. So did 10:10 and 10:15. At 10:20 (because I've become less willing to tolerate rude behavior and because it should take fewer than 5 minutes to get here from her office) I called. Left a polite message, "Weren't we on for ten o'clock this morning? Please call me."

No return call. Nothing.

Hours later, I found an email on my old, little-used AOL account. In my spam folder. She'd written it last night, letting me know she needed to reschedule. In the message she said she hesitated to call because she believed the number I'd provided was a daytime number.

What the heck does that mean???

I *never* gave her my email, so I never expected her to contact me that way. If she thought she wouldn't reach me via my "daytime number" (which, for the record is my all-the-time number) in the evening, why didn't she call first thing in the morning? Sure would have saved me an hour of checking out front to make sure I wasn't missing the doorbell.

Sheesh. I lost time today. I *hate* losing time. Like -- grind my teeth hate it.

I replied to her email telling her that I would have much preferred a phone contact. She and I had *never* emailed, so why she chose that method of contact I'll never know.

Part of me wants to write her off and take my business elsewhere. Part of me wonders if some emergency made her brain go wonky and that's why she messed up. Either way, I'll have to assess ... assuming she ever gets in touch with me again.

Most business owners bend over backward to make sure they don't lose a sale. I would have expected an explanation by now.

Oh well...

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