Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow Day Pictures!

Pictures from Snowpocalypse
Just outside Chicago

Trying to dig out from our front door...

And our driveway.
But why bother?
We were able to get our driveway relatively clear, but there's nowhere to go. Can't even go out to get gas.
That's our street, below...

In an area where major elections are won and lost based on snowplowing efforts, it's almost unheard of to see a street still unplowed at eight in the morning. No idea when they'll get to us. As I write this, it's now 10:00AM, still no plows in sight, and the snow started up again about an hour ago.

But at least the backyard looks pretty!

Outside the window to my writing room.

We're all just taking a day off here. I have a ham in the oven and a hot cup of coffee right next to me. My kids will tell their kids about Snowpocalypse.
I wonder if we'll beat the record snowfall of 1967. That's when 23 inches fell over 35 hours. Last I looked, we were only at 17 inches today.


Dru said...

wow, I hope they came to plow eventually.

Julie Hyzy said...

They did, Dru! Shortly after I posted the pictures. Not too bad out there now, actually. The sun came out and melted what was left on the driveways and street, so we're pretty civilized here again. Thank goodness!