Monday, February 28, 2011

New Phone - Welcome to the 21st Century!

So one of the cats (Kitka, of course) swiped my phone down the basement stairs and cracked it on the concrete floor. Good bye trusty little Nokia. I had it for a long, long time. The folks at the phone store claimed I'd had it since 2002, but I really think I upgraded once since then. Oh well, it didn't matter. As of yesterday, I became the owner of a smart phone.

Yeah, right!

So blasted smart it doesn't come with an instruction manual.

I tried to get my favorite ringtone installed on the new device. No luck. I had to wait for my middle daughter to come home to fix that for me. Once I got it, though, I learned how to upload others pretty easily, so it was worth the angst.

This morning I figured out how to silence the alerts on incoming emails while keeping alerts noisy for texts. I *think* it's working. We'll find out soon. The emails are silent - which is great. Just waiting for a text to ensure I didn't accidentally silence those, too.

Now that I've gotten all this crazy phone stuff handled and I feel like a real 21st century citizen, I can get to my real work - writing!

Best of all, now that I know how they work (and don't) my characters can more believably use smart phones!

All good!


Dru said...

I guess we shouldn't tell you that you can read Facebook and Twitter on your smart phone.

Julie Hyzy said...

LOL Dru - I already found Facebook. Twitter too, huh? The trouble begins!

Shel said...

LOL what phone did you get, Julie?

Julie Hyzy said...

Hey, Shel - I got the LG Optimus t. I guess there are much better (read: more expensive) phones out there, but this seemed a good one for me to test the smart-phone waters.