Friday, January 21, 2011

Southtown Star

My local newspaper, the Southtown/Star did a feature on me - showed up in yesterday's edition. How fun. I really like the photo. More books, less face! LOL

Anyway, lots of fun. The only teeny gripe I have (check it out) is that the story ends with a comma.

Here's the link: Southtown/Star

What's up with that? Did they leave off a line?
No idea. I wrote to Tony Baranek, but no word back from him yet.

When I saw the article, I ran out to my local bookstore to make sure they had Buffalo West Wing in stock.
Bad news: No.
Good news: it's because they sold out. They promised to order more.

Hey - did I mention that BUFFALO WEST WING hit #48 on the ABA bestseller list last week? Pretty cool, considering classics like FAHRENHEIT 451, LORD OF THE FLIES, THE CATCHER IN THE RYE, SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE, and OUTLANDER are on that list.

I'm pretty darned thrilled!


Michelle said...

It is a good article, but you are right about the coma. It seems like some of the story is missing. Hmmm...

Dru said...

I think a sentence of two got deleted.

Great article, nonetheless.

Vickie said...

Very cool! Had to grin a the comma ending...nice cliffhanger.
Defintely cool on the listing with the bigs.

Julie Hyzy said...

The comma ending still gives me a smile. Haven't heard back from the writer. Maybe he's been off work the past couple of days... I am curious.

Thanks, everyone!

Sally Christie said...

It's Sally from The Writer's Chatroom, Great Job. I am over here visiting and have to say I love the cover art.


Julie Hyzy said...

Thanks so much, Sally. I really love the cover art, too! Had a great time at the Chatroom last night. You guys are fun!