Thursday, January 13, 2011

#Smashwords - Why I love them!

As I mentioned here before, I decided to publish my first three novels, Artistic License, Deadly Blessings, and Deadly Interest, as ebooks. All three had originally been published in hardcover and the first two also in trade pb, but they'd all gone out of print some time ago.

I set them all up on Smashwords at first, and eventually on Kindle too, but then I got so busy with deadlines that I lost sight of them. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that readers were downloading them -- a lot more than I'd expected.

But there was a glitch. For some reason, Artistic License (standalone romantic suspense and most popular of the three), didn't upload to I couldn't figure out why it hadn't. It had uploaded everywhere else with no problem. I had no idea how to fix this, so I contacted Smashwords via their "Comments/questions/customer support? Click here!" link at the top of the page.

Imagine my surprise when Mark Coker - founder and CEO of Smashwords - emailed me. Like within a half hour of submitting my question. He gave me some suggestions and told me to contact him in two weeks if the title still wasn't up.

As it turned out, I got super busy and I let those two weeks (and more) slip by. But when I did contact him to tell him the ebook still wasn't up, he told me he wasn't about to give up on this and enlisted help from his end.

Within days, I could see that the first step had worked - Artistic License was redistributed. But, would it ever actually make it to

I am delighted to report that it did!

I found it today - here - where it's ready to be downloaded and read by Nook owners everywhere!

Can you believe how great the folks at Smashwords are?

Do I love Smashwords? You bet I do!

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I Love said...

Hi there, Julie. I didn't see any info elsewhere to contact you.

I found your post, looking for other people who love Smashwords like we do.

We'd love for our readers to hear your thoughts over on our group blog for Smashwords authors:

Please come, read, and possibly contribute.