Saturday, January 01, 2011

Chicago Tribune Feature!

Woo-hoo!! I'm in the Chicago Tribune's book section today! Yep, I knew it was coming but I didn't actually have the newspaper in my and until this morning when it showed up on my driveway. Wow, the photo is *huge!*

So excited! I've always dreamed of making it into a Trib feature, and I have to thank Julia Keller for a fun interview - she talks about Buffalo West Wing, all the White House Chef books, the new Manor House series and both and I also want to thank Zbigniew Bzdak for his photographic skills and patience! He was such a blast to work with!

Please check out the Chicago Tribune today. Or, if you don't get the Trib where you live - the article is online here.

Woo-hoo!! Dreams do come true!!


Dru said...

Great interview!

Amme said...

Congrats, fellow writer and synesthete! :)

Julie Hyzy said...

Thank you, Dru!
Thanks, Amme! Enjoy your colorful world!

yabooknerd said...

Great feature! Congrats :)