Friday, December 10, 2010

Reading Aloud even without a Title!

Here I am again - the manuscript for WHChef #5 is finished, but I need to read the entire thing aloud to catch any last-minute problems. It always amazes me how much I do catch.

Wording that looked good on the page for the past couple of months doesn't always hold up when read aloud. That's why I do this, even though it results in a super-dry mouth and family members waiting patiently outside my "cave" - wondering when the murmuring will stop.

Last night I had a truly wonderful time hanging out with my writing group -- The Southland Scribes -- at the local Buca de Beppo. Even though I don't attend group meetings anymore, these generous people invite me to the holiday party and that's always a hoot. Even more fun this year was running into a bunch of other friends who were out with their Bunco group. They had a table in the next room.

One of the friends in the other room, Margie, had come up with the title for Buffalo West Wing. I lamented that I had no title yet for WHChef #5. I'd originally planned to go with Secretary of Steak, but that one isn't going to fly. Anyway, Margie and her group - and I and my group set to come up with a great title. Nothing solid yet... but lots of wonderful ideas out there.

Nothing like waiting till the last minute, huh? The manuscript goes in next week!

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season, and attending all the parties you can, too!

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Dru said...

I can't wait to hear what the title will be for the fifth book.

Have a good weekend!