Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not exactly America's Next Top Model...

What a fun morning! The Chicago Tribune sent out a photographer who was just so kind and charming. Not to mention patient! Zbigniew was just such a great guy and took a boatload of pictures. Only one will make it into the news paper (Book Section, January 1st!!) and I asked if there was anywhere I'd be able to see the rest of them. Unfortunately not. I swear he must have taken 400 shots, if not more. Some with the cats. Some with a knife (LOL) and some just looking bookish. No idea which one will emerge as the winner. All I asked is that I not look fat.

Zbigniew said that, and "make me look younger" are the two biggest requests he gets.

They say the camera adds ten pounds. Yikes!

I can't wait to see how this article turns out. I so enjoyed talking with Julia Keller. She's wonderful.


Shel said...

Wrote it down, will pick up a Trib on the first! Any news on launch parties for Buffalo West Wing?

Julie Hyzy said...

Hi Shel! Nope - no launch party planned. As much as I love to have them, asking people to come out twice a year for my new books seems to be too much. Augie (bookseller) has been encouraging me to do parties for both, but I know how busy everyone is and it seems an imposition. Shooting for a party in June when the next Grace comes out. June 12th is the tentative date (Printers Row in Chicago is the week before.)
Thanks for asking!

Shel said...

As much as I hate to miss a party, I can understand your reluctance, especially in this area in January. Will look forward to June, though!