Friday, December 31, 2010

Celebrate with Salsa (not the dance)

Of course, you can dance if you want to! I feel like it today!

I'm talking celebration and salsa today at Mystery Lovers' Kitchen. Stop by and say hello!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Woo-hoo! Great review!

I am *thrilled* to share this link with you:
The Season for Romance reviewed Buffalo West Wing and I couldn't be more excited!

Kat wrote the review - and you can find it by clicking the little brown bar beneath the cover jpg on the site.

Woo-hoo - Thank you Season for Romance! Thank you Kat!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not exactly America's Next Top Model...

What a fun morning! The Chicago Tribune sent out a photographer who was just so kind and charming. Not to mention patient! Zbigniew was just such a great guy and took a boatload of pictures. Only one will make it into the news paper (Book Section, January 1st!!) and I asked if there was anywhere I'd be able to see the rest of them. Unfortunately not. I swear he must have taken 400 shots, if not more. Some with the cats. Some with a knife (LOL) and some just looking bookish. No idea which one will emerge as the winner. All I asked is that I not look fat.

Zbigniew said that, and "make me look younger" are the two biggest requests he gets.

They say the camera adds ten pounds. Yikes!

I can't wait to see how this article turns out. I so enjoyed talking with Julia Keller. She's wonderful.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Bookmarks (with a catch)


My bookmarks for Buffalo West Wing finally arrived today! They were due here in early December, but were held up due to circumstances beyond my control. I've been waiting eagerly for them to arrive and hoping they turned out well.

Very happy to report that they look great. The front is Buffalo West Wing and the back features covers of the first three WHChef mysteries. I think they're pretty cool. There's even room on the back for me to sign them. Perfect!

Tonight (or early tomorrow) I'll be mailing out bunches to bookstores who requested them. I bet those booksellers thought I forgot. I swear, I didn't!

Additionally, I would love to send out bookmarks to readers who want them, but there is a catch. Mailing one bookmark costs 44 cents. Believe it or not, that's more than I earn per book sold. (Seriously. When authors tell you they write for the love of writing, believe it!)

Anyway, here's the deal that I think will work for everyone: If you would be willing to share extra bookmarks with reader friends of yours, I'll be happy to send you *five* bookmarks (the maximum per envelope at 44 cents). You keep one and share the other four. That's the catch. That's it. Pretty easy.

I love when readers recommend my books to friends and if I can help by sending out bookmarks, then I'm thrilled to do so.

Now... if you belong to a group - women's club, men's club, book discussion group, etc. and you'd like more than five to pass out at one of your meetings - 25, or 50, even - just let me know. Yes, that will cost me far more than 44 cents, but I would be very happy to do it. Just let me know how many you need for your event and I'll scurry off to the PO to get them out to you.

To request bookmarks, please send me an email:

Julie Hyzy (at) gmail (dot) com

no spaces, of course.

Please put BOOKMARK REQUEST in the subject and let me know how many you need and where to send them. Please also let me know if you plan to share - I am willing to send 5 at a time - and unless you mention that you're willing to share in your email, I'm going to suspect that a robot is sending the request. Let me know you're a human, let me know that you're sharing. If you need a big bunch for your group, please let me know that, too - and specify how many you need - minimum 10.

UNITED STATES recipients only. Thank you!

That's it. Couldn't be easier, right?

Oh, and one more small catch. If you request bookmarks and aren't already receiving my newsletter, you'll be signed up to receive them automatically.

Remember, Buffalo West Wing comes out January 4th!
(Nothing like waiting to the last minute with these bookmarks, huh?)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Manuscript in One Day Early!

Just turned in the manuscript for White House Chef Mystery #5, which - as of this moment - is not yet titled. As I mentioned earlier, I intended to call it Secretary of Steak, but that one isn't going to fly. We'll see.

Now I get to turn my attention to blog posts that are due on other sites as Buffalo West Wing debuts. That one hits the bookstores on January 4th.

I'm also gearing up with changes for this site. I have lots of great plans for 2011. Hope you'll stay tuned to see what's new.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Reading Aloud even without a Title!

Here I am again - the manuscript for WHChef #5 is finished, but I need to read the entire thing aloud to catch any last-minute problems. It always amazes me how much I do catch.

Wording that looked good on the page for the past couple of months doesn't always hold up when read aloud. That's why I do this, even though it results in a super-dry mouth and family members waiting patiently outside my "cave" - wondering when the murmuring will stop.

Last night I had a truly wonderful time hanging out with my writing group -- The Southland Scribes -- at the local Buca de Beppo. Even though I don't attend group meetings anymore, these generous people invite me to the holiday party and that's always a hoot. Even more fun this year was running into a bunch of other friends who were out with their Bunco group. They had a table in the next room.

One of the friends in the other room, Margie, had come up with the title for Buffalo West Wing. I lamented that I had no title yet for WHChef #5. I'd originally planned to go with Secretary of Steak, but that one isn't going to fly. Anyway, Margie and her group - and I and my group set to come up with a great title. Nothing solid yet... but lots of wonderful ideas out there.

Nothing like waiting till the last minute, huh? The manuscript goes in next week!

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season, and attending all the parties you can, too!

Monday, December 06, 2010


For those of you who get my newsletter... you may remember I promised to announce the winner of my "Share my newsletter" contest today.

The winner of the contest (and soon-to-be recipient of a $25 gift certificate) is:


Heather, I will be in touch ASAP!

Thanks for entering, everone!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tune in Today!

I'm on BlogTalkRadio today.

Noon central time, 10:00 AM PST - here: BlogTalkRadio
The show runs for about an hour. Hope you can stop by!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Tomorrow - BlogTalkRadio!

Very excited because tomorrow I will be interviewed by Susan Wingate and Joshua Graham. Their show, DIALOGUE - Between The Lines - will be broadcast on BlogTalkRadio.

The show airs at 10:00 AM PST, which is... hmm... noon central time? Don't worry, I'll be ready on time :::grin:::

Here's the link: Between the Lines

Hope you listen in. Joshua and Susan said they might take call-in or chat questions from the audience.

Looking forward to it!