Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What I really want to vote for...

Today is election day and that makes me very happy. Why? Because as of today, the phone calls stop. The constant, annoying, robocall, useless phone calls stop. Woo-hoo!!

There I am, right in the middle of writing an intense scene, and the phone rings - shattering my concentration. Doesn't matter that I see it's an unfamiliar number and let it go to voicemail. Too late. The moment is lost. Elizabeth Spann Craig, an author friend of mine, suggested we all return the favor when our books come out. We can call these politicians - winners, losers, who cares? - and incessantly urge them to buy our books. I love it.

But if there was a vote for no more political calling, I'd be first in line!

Does anyone make his or her voting decision based on a recorded phone call? Have you ever been swayed by a call like that? Do you know anyone who has?

Seems to me these candidates are throwing money away.

Just my two cents here, on election day.


Dru said...

I never get phone calls, but I'm happy that we'll get no more ads.

Julie Hyzy said...

You are lucky, my friend! But I'm with you on celebrating no more ads. Can people get more negative? Tired of it.