Thursday, October 28, 2010


I hope to get a newsletter out soon. With this deadline and so much else going on, it may take me longer than I hope to get it polished and out to you. If you haven't yet signed up, please take a moment to do so now. I hope to include photos (or links to photos) of some of my recent events.

Also - Good News!

I discovered today that Grace Under Pressure will be released in LARGE PRINT! That edition should be released right about the same time the new White House Chef book - Buffalo West Wing - comes out.

A lot of readers ask about large print and I usually don't find out about them until just before they're released. Like now. It's October and the large print Grace comes out January 1st.

But I am very happy to announce it here. I can't wait to see the cover. This is a different company than has produced the White House Chef books in large print. I'm curious to see what their covers look like. Fingers crossed!

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