Friday, October 29, 2010

Feed the birds...

The header at the top of this page was changed recently. Did you notice? This new picture is from Luxembourg - the old city. My husband and I visited there in September, on our whirlwind Europe trip.

Visiting Luxembourg and meeting family there was a true highlight, and I'll post more about that later. But I wanted to share a few pictures of the trip in general and just a bit of the fun:

St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
Did you know there are over 500 steps to get to the very top?
We climbed every single one.
See the picture below? That teeny, tiny tower at the top of the dome?
That's where we wound up.

As I post more about the trip, you'll begin to notice a theme: climbing to the top of every available monument. No wonder I didn't gain weight!

This is a little window cut into the floor about halfway up to St. Paul's dome. The view is to the cathedral's floor. Pretty cool.

A quick stop for pictures and then... more climbing! Mind you, we had gone straight from the airport (10AM) to the hotel to drop off our luggage and then on to explore London. Five hundred steps on no sleep. But we were still smiling!

Isn't this a cool shot?

View from the top!

Back down on the ground again. I was trying to be the Bird Woman from Mary Poppins here, but the pigeons noticed I didn't have any crumbs to give them and they ignored me. Smart birds.


Dru said...

WOW, the cathedral is gorgeous. How long did it take you to walk the 500 steps?

Thanks for sharing. I love the view from the top.

Julie Hyzy said...

Hey Dru!
You know, I'm not exactly sure. Over an hour, absolutely. But that's because at about step 250 or so, there's a Whispering Gallery and we stopped there to admire the view as well as catch our breath. I'm glad this was our first climb. It was probably the easiest... the Duomo in Florence was a killer. If we'd started with that one, I don't know how many other monuments we would have attempted.
I'm glad you like the pics!

Shel said...

Wow! Great pics, Julie!

Julie Hyzy said...

Thanks, Shel. We had the best time. More pics to come.

bonniew said...

Julie, I have never seen the two of you without a smile on your faces! Miss you!

Julie Hyzy said...

You're so sweet, Bonnie. Miss you, too.