Wednesday, August 11, 2010


As many of you know, I read my manuscripts aloud before I turn them in. Sometimes I even read them aloud twice. Yeah, it gets tedious, but the typos and word confusions and continuity errors I catch make it worth it. I'm reading Murder Most Civil aloud today, but this is the first time I've done so with my kids around.

Most of the time they're out and about with their friends, of course, but I'm used to quiet mornings with them sleeping late. Not so much this year. They've been getting up early and hanging out in the room adjacent to my "cave" which makes me very self-conscious about reading my book out loud. I've been getting up earlier each day, but so have they!

Now, is it their fault that I join them in playing with the Wii Fit Plus? Nope. Is it their fault I amble into the kitchen for a snack break every 45 minutes? Nope. But it is really different this time. Prior summers had a different rhythm and it's taking me until now (pretty darned late) to get used to this one.

Next week my youngest heads off to college :::sniff::: and that means the house will be a bit more quiet. But we aren't empty nesters yet. I'm totally okay with this. I love having my kids around. But to whip this manuscript into shape I might have to get creative. I wonder if there are quiet rooms at the library (with doors) I can use.

This manuscript is due September 1st and then I have to really step up the pace on the next one, due December 1st. If I'm slow on responding to emails, or if I'm lax on popping in here, you'll know why.

Next year - 2011 - will be different. I plan to get both books done *before* summer.

Yep. I will.


Shel said...

Yes. You Will. Because I'm going to sit on you until you do, so I can be selfish and get to hang out with you next summer! *grin*. You know I'm kidding, but it concerns me to see you so frantic.

Julie Hyzy said...

Ah, frantic is part of the job description. No complaints... this is what I've always wanted. But I do think the true frantic-ness should settle down by mid February next year. Until then... well... if I'm a little scatter-brained, you'll understand LOL