Monday, August 09, 2010

Podcast post

Rick Kogan (WGN-AM) is a *fabulous* interviewer. Such a nice man, so generous and fun. My publicist, Dana Kaye, set this up and I had a wonderful time yesterday down at the studio. My interview ended at 7:30 AM and Curt and I thought we might stay down there until places opened. We walked up to Oak Street Beach, then down to Ohio Street Beach, then back over to Michigan and it was still before 9:00. We weren't hungry, so we opted to skip breakfast (which would have taken about an hour), so we just went home. Good thing because we had a ton of stuff to do here including repair work on the garage floor, and pulling weeds.

But I'm getting off topic.

The Sunday Papers show now offers podcats!!!

Here's a link to my interview yesterday if anyone is interested:

I just love that Rick Kogan!!


Laineshots said...

I can see why you love him - I think I do too now! He said some wonderful things about you and your work. You really fascinated him - it's easy to tell he loves Grace Under Pressure and the whole concept of "cozy mysteries". Oh, what he has waiting for him!

You sounded like the perfect writer, bright, warm, relaxed, and funny, interested in the world with an urge to write about it. Made me want to run right out and buy your next it January yet?

Great interview, Julie - thanks for telling us about it.

Julie Hyzy said...

What a wonderful comment to find here! Thank you so much Laine! And thanks for the comment on FB! I'm so glad you listened to the podcast. '