Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Listen in on August 8th!

Hey, guess what?
I will be a guest on Rick Kogan's morning show on Sunday, August 8th! Yep, to talk about GRACE UNDER PRESSURE, and the White House Chef books, too. I don't have the precise time I'll be on the radio, but it will be during his WGN-AM "Sunday Papers" segment.

More as we get closer!!


Shel said...

Nice! Congrats, Julie!

russ said...

Hi, Julie:

Rita and I have been reading your White House chef books and now I see you have another series. We love the chef books and look forward to reading the new series.

We're so happy for your continuing success. The masterclass sure seems like a long time ago doesn't it?

Love from us both,

Russ & Rita

Julie Hyzy said...

Hey Shel! Thanks!!

Russ! So great to hear from you and Rita. I still tell everyone who will listen about those two weeks back in 2002. Life-changing! Thanks for reading the books and for keeping in touch. I pop by the OWN board every so often to try to keep up with the posts but it's so huge now it's tough. My best to Rita!
Hugs, Julie