Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary! And no missing socks!

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. It was a bittersweet weekend because we spent most of it moving our daughter into her college dorm. Not my favorite thing to do and when we had to leave the campus at the "Family Farewell," I was not a happy camper.

We managed to turn things around a little bit. We had some errands to run afterward and that kept us busy. We'd had lunch on campus so we weren't eager to go out to eat, but we found a lot to take our minds off of leaving our baby alone in the real world. For the record, she seems to be doing great.

But, in thinking about our anniversary, I wanted to share an amazing factoid with you today. After 27 years of marriage not once - never once - have we ever lost one of my husband's socks. My socks, yes. Our kids', yes. But my husband's socks match up every single time we do the laundry and pull them from the dryer.

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

He claims it's because he's careful about placing his clothing in the laundry hampers and that he always ensures his socks go in in pairs. That's probably the secret. Our daughters and I tend to drop our clothes into puddles on the floor and step over them several times before grabbing the piles and dumping them off to be washed. Socks will try to escape, you know. We've lost many, many favorites over the years due to their daring attempts to be free. But my husband's socks apparently subscribe to the buddy system. I suppose it's possible that we've lost them in pairs - if so, we'd never know. But all this time, and not a single escapee.

Hmm... maybe my husband should find part-time work as a prison guard. What do you think?


dollycas aka Lori said...

You need a dog like mine. She is cotton deficient, medically determined by my husband, he is Operations Manager for a mobile x-ray company which makes him an expert ;p She always has a sock or a pair of rolled socks in her mouth. She drags them outside in the winter and the spring we have our annual sock pick up. lol We don't lose socks in the wash, we lose them to Nerabelle's sock fetish!

Julie Hyzy said...

Lori, our darling lab K'Ehleyr used to grab socks all the time too. Never my husband's, but everyone else's. I guess hubby's socks have a special "can't lose" spell cast on them, huh? LOL Love Nerabelle's name!