Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Be a Cozy Book Booster!

As you probably know, I'm part of the Killer Characters blog.

The 25 of us who make up KillerCharacters.com have been talking among ourselves about what we hear from our readers. We've discovered that there are many, many readers out there who are disappointed when their favorite authors stop writing a series.

I can assure you that in most cases, this is not the author's choice. It's the publisher's. And it's because that author's numbers aren't there. They don't warrant renewing a series.

I've been very, very fortunate so far. As you know, Berkley renewed the contract for the White House Chef series and (so far) it looks like there will be at least six. I'm hopeful they extend that further, but it's a little too early to tell.

It's also too early to tell how Grace Under Pressure is doing, but it did make the BN Mystery List and also (even better!) BN's overall Mass Market List. I'm pretty darned excited about that.

This is all a long way to say that if you like a series -- and I'm not just talking about mine here, but about all those books you love -- then you can support the authors by becoming a Book Booster. It isn't difficult and you may already be a booster and you don't realize it.

A really great description of Book Boostering can be found on KillerCharacters.com on THIS page.

Before you pop over there to read it, let me just thank you for mentioning Ollie, Grace, and me on your blogs, in your Tweets, and on Facebook. Thanks for signing up for my newsletter, and thanks for posting reviews on BN, Amazon, and other review sites. And thanks in advance for sharing this with other readers who might be interested.

All your support makes a bigger difference than you may realize!


Anonymous said...

From one cozy author to another, thanks, Julie!

Julie Hyzy said...

Thanks, Lorraine!