Monday, May 17, 2010

Rooster Dishes

When my husband, Curt, was growing up he had two older sisters who liked to argue about which one would get what when they married/moved out/etc. As the story goes (and aren't family stories the best?), one day they were arguing, heatedly, about the rooster dishes. My husband had to be about 8 years old at the time and he listened in as his sisters fought. His mother apparently had hit her limit at that point because she said, "Enough! I'm tired of you two fighting over the rooster dishes." She pointed to Curt. "The rooster dishes are yours."

Fast forward to this past weekend. Curt and I visited a few estate sales (so much fun!) and at the last one, we stumbled upon a table full of rooster dishes. Yep, the exact same ones. We already had dinner plates, a few bowls, and cups and saucers. This estate sale offered a set including much, much more. There were bowls, a thing we think may be a gravy boat, a coffee pot, two platters, salt and pepper shakers and lots more. Wow. Really cool. Guess who came home with three boxes of rooster dishes?

Because it was still fairly early in the day, Curt and I hit a few antique stores. We've almost never found rooster dishes anywhere, and we'd never seen the salt and pepper shakers or the coffee pot... didn't even know they existed until we bought them. But one antique store was selling the coffee pot and another the shakers. How wild! We were a bit north and west of where we live. Maybe rooster dishes were a big thing out there?

Now the only problem is where to store them...

Anybody out there know where I can find a lovely antique oak buffet?


Shel said...

Nice finds, Julie!

Jeanne C. said...

That's awesome! I love the rooster pattern! Cool find. Isn't so exciting to go to estate, yard, antique sales and find great stuff???

Julie Hyzy said...

Hey Shel, Hey Jeanne!
I'm really excited and my husband is even more so. He said this should be his Father's Day gift. But I think this is more a house thing. We got a really good deal on it, I think. I was very happy. And the estate people seemed glad that it was going to a good home.

I love these kinds of sales!
Thanks for stopping by!


Robyn said...
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robyn hyzy said...

Yay for rooster dishes!!

You and dad should just start serving on the rooster dishes instead of the fruit plates

Julie Hyzy said...

We should. But I like them both. The fruit plates feel spring-y and the roosters more fall-y. Y'know?
You'll get to see them soon!