Friday, May 21, 2010

Books are out!

I've been getting word that people who ordered GRACE UNDER PRESSURE from have already begun receiving their books. Wow! This is super early - almost a full two weeks!

That kind of changes the "pre-order" contest, doesn't it? LOL
We can never predict these things... but we just do our best.

As you may know, early sales on new books are key to their success, so I'll keep my contest running, but maybe I need to change the name. It's an order contest, I guess. No longer just pre-order. But the rules stay the same... order Grace Under Pressure from any bookseller before June 5, 2010 and let me know - put CONTEST in the email subject and let me know when you ordered it and where you ordered it from, and you're entered to win a $25 bookstore gift certificate.

How wild. I had no idea they'd be available this early. Very exciting! Thanks, everyone who ordered, for letting me know!


Dru said...

Does the early release have any effect on book listings such as the NY Times Bestsellers list?

Julie Hyzy said...

Hi Dru, That's an excellent question and one I don't know the answer to, but I've been asking around. No one seems to know if these early deliveries ultimately help or hurt my chances to be considered a bestseller. But based on information I've gotten in the past, it's a "flurry" of sales around release time that makes all the difference. So, my guess is that this early delivery hurts. Not much I can do about it...

Thanks for asking!