Friday, April 09, 2010


The doorbell rang about five minutes ago. It was the lovely FedEx man with a box of ARCs for Grace Under Pressure! Woo-hoo! Very excited. Even though there are only 10, and they sport a plain-jane ARC cover...

... they are finally*here* and I can now start sending them out to bookstores and reviewers who requested them.

I also received four cover flats:

When I first read the teaser/blurb for the back of the book, I found a HUGE error. They reported a plot point that didn't exist. I wrote them right away, letting them know and asking them to correct it. I'm very pleased to report that the correction has been made and the back of the book teaser is accurate.

June 1st (release date) is just around the corner. And the launch party at Centuries & Sleuths is set for Sunday, June 6th, 2:00 - 4:00. Hope you can make it (more details coming soon.)

Oh, this is an exciting time!


Shel said...

Looking forward to more details, I have the date and store written on my desk calendar. Thank heavens it's on a Sunday! The one day I know Chris won't have to work!

Julie Hyzy said...

Shel, it would be *great* if you and Chris were able to be there. I hope all three of my daughters will be in town (fingers crossed). I'm looking forward to throwing a party!

Shel said...

Julie, it's on a Sunday, and at the beginning of a month (means Chris probably won't have to work overtime the day before). Right now, the only thing I see that might interfere is picking my son up from the airport, or me being horribly behind in my classes at that point (accounting 2). But as far as I know right now, we should be able to be there.