Friday, March 12, 2010

Grace Under Pressure

The pre-release promo begins! I'm really excited about the upcoming release of Grace Under Pressure and I'm starting all the pre-promotional efforts early this time. I have bookmarks (with EGGS on one side and GRACE on the other), bookplates, and a whole bunch of ideas for my next newsletter.

As soon as I find out when my ARCS (advanced reader copies) will be available, I'll be contacting my independent bookstore and reviewer friends to see if they would like one. If you're a reviewer or bookstore and not on my contact list - please drop me a note.

I'm really hoping to give this series a good start and I plan to have a launch party this summer. Due to my daughter's graduation and friends' daughters' graduations, we may have to get creative with the timing, but stay tuned!


Shel said...

Launch Party?? Where????

Janean said...

I can't wait to read Grace Under Pressure it sounds great!! I loved the idea of the manor house and Biltmore is such a beautiful place to visit. I have been there a few times and everytime I visit I discover something new. Janean