Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Signing on Saturday

Just a quick note to mention that I'll be signing EGGSECUTIVE ORDERS at the Borders in Dekalb this Saturday from 1:00 until 3:00ish.

I didn't set up a launch party for this third entry in the White House Chef Mysteries -- but I'm planning a "Manor of Murder series launch" in June for the new book (Grace Under Pressure), so this is one of a few local signings I've scheduled. Come out to beautiful corn-filled (well, not at this time of year!) Dekalb!



Michele Emrath said...

I saw your book and notice of your upcoming signing at Quail Ridge in Raleigh. I hope to make it!


Homebrewer said...

This is going to sound really sad, more because I know this rather than it being actually sad. There is still a lot of standing corn out by DeKalb. At least there has been until last week when they started picking it again.

Wish I could stop by and see you but I have plans this weekend. I know your signing will be a huge hit!


Julie Hyzy said...

Michele - I'll look forward to seeing you there! I'm so excited about NC!

Jen - LOL - I believe you! I haven't made it to CornFest yet, but maybe next year. Corn, barbed wire and ... that one Supermodel whose name escapes me right now... that's what Dekalb is best known for, right? Sorry you can't make it but thanks for the good wishes ;-)


bonniew said...

So is that the same as Dekalb Junction in New York? If so I'll be there! Can't wait to get with you again! Bonnie

Shel said...

Sorry Bonnie, this DeKalb is in Illinois. Julie, if the weather cooperates I will be there! You'll know me, I'll be the one so excited she can't stand still!

Julie Hyzy said...

Hi Bonnie - no, this is where Sara's in school - Dekalb, IL. No idea why I didn't get a note about your comment (I usually get an email letting me know if a new comment posted) so sorry for the delay!
But looking forward to seeing you in Florida (fingers crossed!)

Shel - Hope to see you! And I'm really looking forward to it. Heading to lunch with my daughter and her boyfriend ahead of time. I'm really excited.

Shel said...

I'm excited too! We'll be eating out somewhere over there too, probably after the signing, though, since we're on a second shift sort of schedule.