Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ray Bradbury and Me

You may already know my favorite Ray Bradbury story... but if you don't please take a minute to stop by Deb Baker's wonderful new blog - Powered by Books - where I'm guest blogging today.

Leave a comment and your name will be entered for a chance to win a book!

And... today is my regular posting day at Mystery Lovers' Kitchen. Not only that, it's the start of EGG week! Stop by and say hi!



Adam McFarlane said...

Thanks for the great post at Powered By Books!

Thank you for letting us know how much Ray Bradbury means to you. I met him on September 13, 1991. That was the first day that I wanted to be a writer.

Thanks for letting us know about his response to your letter. How do you feel about interacting with your own readers? Do you have any thoughts or tips on the proper distance between a writer and readers? Should fans expect responses to letters, calls, and/or e-mails? Or do writers need private lives away from their audiences? You, Julie, have been wonderfully open and generous to readers with your time and energy. Thank you for being so warm and friendly!

Julie Hyzy said...

Hi Adam,
I'm so happy you were able to meet Ray Bradbury - that's so wonderful. I can understand why meeting him inspired you to be a writer. And I can't think of anyone better to serve as inspiration. He's just a great man.

As far as my own interactions with readers -- I love hearing from readers and I try to respond to every single one. Mostly people reach me via email, and I like that best because it's easy to respond and I'm able to do so more quickly than if I had to run out to the post office...

I confess, I'm not much of a phone person and I rarely pick it up to call anyone. Don't know why... but there it is. But meeting in person - whether it's at conferences or signings -- is always the best!

Thanks so much, Adam! You're a great friend!


ania said...

Hello, World!