Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Book, The Movie

I was invited to participate in Marshal Zeringue's fun challenge - to imagine STATE OF THE ONION as a movie and cast it.

Here's how it went: mybookthemovie.blogspot.com/

I hope you take a minute to check it out!


Rebecca said...

It is so scary the way we think alike! Glad I finally found your blog!

Sigh..wish you were coming to Sleuthfest...

Adam McFarlane said...

America makes an interesting choice! Seeing Ollie with my mind's eye, I imagined someone lovely and resourceful ... and I thought of you, Julie! Lots of readers are probably like me, seeing the series character looking like the author.

If Eggsecutive Orders were made into a movie, then do you have any thoughts as to what scene you would like to appear with a cameo appearance in a minor role?

Julie Hyzy said...

Hey Becky! I'm sure SF will be a blast! Miss you!

Adam - aren't you sweet! Thank you! I confess I always think of characters looking like their authors... except when it comes to my characters LOL!
I love your question about a cameo... If Eggs was made into a movie I would love to play Ruth (but that's the actress in me rearing her pesty head). Truth is, if I even had a chance at making an appearance, the best I could hope for would be as a background person just as the tensions heat up at the Easter Egg Roll.
Thanks for that great question!