Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Book, The Movie

I was invited to participate in Marshal Zeringue's fun challenge - to imagine STATE OF THE ONION as a movie and cast it.

Here's how it went: mybookthemovie.blogspot.com/

I hope you take a minute to check it out!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pet Peeve Thursday

Guess what I forgot to mention here?

I'm guest blogging on DAZED AND CONFUSED, Lorraine Bartlett's excellent blog.

Today is Pet Peeve Thursday... and my peeve is titled: Space, the Frustrating Frontier


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Signing on Saturday

Just a quick note to mention that I'll be signing EGGSECUTIVE ORDERS at the Borders in Dekalb this Saturday from 1:00 until 3:00ish.

I didn't set up a launch party for this third entry in the White House Chef Mysteries -- but I'm planning a "Manor of Murder series launch" in June for the new book (Grace Under Pressure), so this is one of a few local signings I've scheduled. Come out to beautiful corn-filled (well, not at this time of year!) Dekalb!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog Tour and More

I didn't set out to do a blog tour, but it is turning out that way. Thank you to everyone who has invited me to come visit -- I'm having a wonderful time! Why was I so shy about doing this before?? Today I'm on interviewed here by Ariel Heart (cool name!) I had a lot of fun answering her great questions and I hope you take a look.

Thursday I'll be venting about a pet peeve on Lorraine Bartlett's Dazed and Confused blog, but I'll talk more about that then.

Tomorrow I'll start posting about "Dinner Out" the Christmas Gift that lasts all year....


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ray Bradbury and Me

You may already know my favorite Ray Bradbury story... but if you don't please take a minute to stop by Deb Baker's wonderful new blog - Powered by Books - where I'm guest blogging today.

Leave a comment and your name will be entered for a chance to win a book!

And... today is my regular posting day at Mystery Lovers' Kitchen. Not only that, it's the start of EGG week! Stop by and say hi!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Eggcitement, Disappointment, and Fresh Starts

Today's the last day to enter the SPOT THE BOOK contest. I love hearing from readers who have reported seeing Eggsecutive Orders all over the country! Too fun! I'm also eggcited to report that my local BN has 18 copies in stock. Over the years I've visited there a bunch of times to let them know I'm willing to sign stock, and it's finally paying off! Woo-hoo. Now I have to hope readers are intrigued enough to pick them up so they're not sent back ;-)

What's disappointing to me is discovering that my closest Borders bookstore (directly across the street from the BN) is out of stock. I would be jumping up and down if they'd ordered 50 and had sold out, but they only ordered 3 and they have no plans to order more. And there's no one there to talk with about this... nobody knows who should be ordering, and they don't seem terribly interested in doing so.

I really appreciate my local BN these days. They used to be a hard nut to crack, but over time they've started to mellow. They even allowed me to put bookmarks up by the registers this time. But I have to admit, I really love independent bookstores. That's where you can talk with real people, all the time. They answer their own phones, they know their stock, and they know their author friends. I love 'em.

Enough complaints for today... I turned in first edits on Buffalo West Wing this morning (I know there will be more, later!) and I plan to start work on the second Manor of Murder novel today. Pretty excited about that.

I exercised two days in a row, I have a new agent, as well as a project I'm eager to work on -- I'm reading a couple of wonderful books, I'm determined to lose 5 pounds, and it's January. A perfect time for fresh starts!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Poe's Deadly Daughters

Join me at Poe's Deadly Daughters today.... if you don't follow this blog, you're missing out. Lonnie Cruse graciously invited me to participate (tho for some reason my original blog post here about it disappeared into the ether....) and I hope you stop by1

See you there -- and please feel free to comment!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Eggsecutive Orders

I didn't mention yesterday that it was the official release date for Eggsecutive Orders, did I? Well, I've been talking about it enough here, so I'll bet you knew already.

Here's something to remember... my Spot the Book Contest. Keep an eye out at bookstores between now and Monday, January 11th. Let me know if you spot Eggsecutive Orders and how many copies of the book are in stock, and you'll be entered to win a $25 bookstore gift certificate. Yep, that easy. I've been getting reports from all over, but it's still early. I think a few stores are just putting books on display now.

Let me know! Email me at JulieHyzy(at)gmail(dot)com to tell me where and when, and you're entered!!

Thanks! Every little bit of info helps!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Lesa's Book Critiques


Join me today on Lesa's Book Critiques where I'm guest blogging. Lesa is the best and I'm excited to be part of her wonderful blog.

Check it out here.

And please feel free to leave comments!!