Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tom & Jerrys

So this year, for the first time, Robyn's boyfriend, Andrew, joined us for Christmas. We're very grateful to his family for alternating holiday time with us. They're amazing people and we just wish we all lived a little closer so we could get together ourselves more often.

Anyway, Andrew shared his family's holiday tradition - that of drinking Tom & Jerry drinks. It's a Christmas beverage... a very potent one. Don't look for the recipe here, because Andrew would like this to remain classified.

I watched him put these together... quite a fascinating process... and I'll tell you, if you would have handed me the recipe, I might have thought we were having eggnog. But once you taste a Tom & Jerry, you know this is no eggnog.

Andrew had told us about this tradition, but before he had we'd never heard of them before. This year, my brother and Mitch found a Tom & Jerry bowl and mug set at an estate sale. According to Andrew, this matches one that his mom has. We were in business.

I have to admit the taste was... interesting. It reminded me of the smells that permeated parties from my childhood where the grown-ups drank. But this time I was a grown-up. Wow. This'll put hair on your chest!

Paul and Mitch *loved* the drink and in fact, Mitch wants to have this served every Christmas. They each had two or three mugs. The rest of us (those of us over 21, that is) barely made it through one.

The conversation turned to "Which came first, the drink or the cartoon characters?"

We didn't know.
Does anyone else out there celebrate the holidays with Tom & Jerrys? Do you know which came first?

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bonniew said...

I knew you would like them! Under 21 always got milk at the bottom of theirs! I remember my dad making these from the time I was very little. I think I have a picture of him serving them in our first house! That would be in the 50's! So if you could find out when the cartoon came out you could maybe figure out which came first! Thought you might post something about your first "Kissing Ball" also! I hear Andrew didn't get anything for Robyn!