Friday, December 18, 2009

Eggsecutive Orders

It's getting close... the release date for Eggsecutive Orders.

January 5th is less than 3 weeks away.

Every single time I have a new book about to come out I get jittery. I wonder when the book will first appear in bookstores, I wonder when I'll spot the first review. But most of all, I look forward to hearing what readers think, and I hope they enjoy the story. When readers write to me and tell me they liked something I've written, it just makes the world shine a little brighter.

That said, I'm planning on running a special contest to celebrate Eggsecutive Orders' debut. You can start preparing for it now by keeping a lookout for Eggsecutive Orders at your local bookstore. If you see it, drop me an e-mail at JulieHyzy(at) and let me know the bookstore name and location, and the date you spotted it (optional: how many they had in stock). Just let me know it's out there and you're entered.

The official contest opening will be announced on Mystery Lovers' Kitchen on January 5, 2010 which is... conveniently ... the day the book debuts. How do you like that? It's almost like I planned it or something.

Also on January 5th - I'll be guest blogging on Lesa's Book Critiques and I'm really excited to be joining her there. Lesa's wonderful! I can't wait.


Lesa said...

That's a blog entry I'm looking forward to, Julie, and I can't wait to read Eggsecutive Orders. I'll be watching for it in my local bookstore! (And, just to let you know, we ordered copies for all of our library branches yesterday.)

And, thank you for saying I'm wonderful. I just love mystery authors, and try to tell others how terrific you are!

Lesa -

Julie Hyzy said...

Thanks so much, Lesa! I'm thrilled to hear that it's ordered for your libraries. I get so many readers who have first discovered this series at their local library.

Looking forward to "talking with you" on January 5th! I just love your blog.


Anonymous said...

Was it a goof? What happened to Peter Sargeant the stupid political hack appointee in "State of the Onion"? Was he at least fired or brought up on charges due to overriding Ollie's deletion of nuts for the allergic "princess"?
You forgot about resolving this issue in your book!!!!

Julie Hyzy said...

Hi Anonymous!
I actually didn't forget... but with the benefit of hindsight, I should have handled things differently. Your question is probably the most-asked one I get... What happened to Sargeant??

Well, I always planned for him to be a recurring character, and when Ollie was apppointed executive chef at the end of State of the Onion, I knew he would *not* be around to congratulate her. The fact that he was not present, and nothing was said about it meant -- to me -- that nothing had changed and he had not been fired. But that's just how I reasoned it.

I figured that when he appeared again in the next book, everyone would realize that he was here to stay... (much to Ollie's dismay)

But, as I said, with the benefit of hindsight, I probably should have explained that at the end of the first book.

I hope you think that the rest of the books tie up the ends better.