Monday, December 28, 2009

Contest Announcement


Tomorrow I'm announcing the SPOT THE BOOK contest on Mystery Lovers' Kitchen. Check it out for how to enter.

Basically, I'm hoping to find out where Eggsecutive Orders is being displayed. If you "Spot the Book" at an independent bookstore, or even a large chain, let me know and you could win a $25 bookstore gift certificate.

Details on how to enter on Mystery Lovers' Kitchen, tomorrow. The contest runs for a short two weeks, because that's when the book *should* begin to be on display. But I won't know unless you tell me.

You can enter once per location... so if you find Eggsecutive Orders in five locations, you can enter five times. And if you tell me how many books are in stock, I'll add your name in again.

Simple enough. I hope you think it's fun, too.
For those of you who can't get out to a bookstore, you may send a link to the book from your favorite store.

See, easy!

Thanks in advance!!

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