Monday, October 12, 2009

A little fun with Ten-Twelve

Today is 10/12.

That may not mean anything to you, but it does to me. In fact, every 10/12 I wait in breathless anticipation, wondering what this year's date might hold. In fact, a friend of mine just commented on the date and it occurred to me that the topic might just be bloggable. A little weirdness, a little fun. You ready?

I was born --ahem-- number of years ago at 10:12 AM.

My husband was born --ahem-- number of years ago at 10:12 PM.

And his birthday is exactly 10 months and 12 days before mine.

Pretty cool, huh?

Ever since we put this together (years ago, when we went on a cruise and needed to carry birth certificates), we've been hyper-vigilant every October the 12th. So far, all our 10/12s have been unremarkable and that's okay. Although I keep hoping for some exciting and fun surprise, I need to keep in mind that 10/12 might be an omen...

Hmmm...I think we should probably avoid traveling together on this date....

Bouchercon is coming up this week!!! I absolutely can't wait! Hope to see you there.

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