Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bouchercon, here I come!

I am so excited - Bouchercon is finally here! I still have a few more things to throw in my suitcases. Yes "suitcases," plural ;-) and then I'll be taking off about noonish to meet a friend about 20 minutes from here and we'll drive together to Indy!

Two suitcases are necessary, by the way. With all the Hot Ticket supplies (bags, mostly) and MWA banner, pamphlets, etc. I need to bring, I think I'm justified in bringing along a second bag. And that means I now have room for more shoes!

Interestingly, Robyn dropped Violet (her cat, and Kitka's sister) off yesterday for us to watch for the next five days while she and Andrew are out of town. I thought I would be suffering double with two cats in the house (in case I haven't mentioned, I discovered I'm allergic to cats. I've never been allergic to *anything* before). But the two cats keep each other company so well that they mostly leave me alone. Of course, right now they're making a liar out of me and sleeping here on my desk as I type this. But yesterday was an easy breathing day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cats are fun to watch. And when they tumble around themselves instead of constantly crawling into my lap, my nose appreciates it!

I'm now thinking I could have maximized this and gotten a lot of writing done while Violet is here, but I'll be getting home just when Robyn and Andrew get back. Hmm... maybe I should "borrow" her until this manuscript is done. (Have I mentioned I'm not writing while I'm in Bouchercon? Yikes. Time is getting short...)

Anyway, I won't be popping in here until next week at the earliest. Not that I post regularly or anything ;-) But I hope to share some pictures and fun stories from the conference when I get back.

Okay -- can I just add one more thing?

I'm incredibly excited about both the Anthony and Barry nominations. That's, of course, part of why I'm giddy about this particular Bouchercon. From the moment I learned of my nominations until this moment -- when the conference is actually here -- has been the *best*! I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. This has been one of the finest honors I've ever enjoyed and I am so thankful.

So ... thank you ... to everyone who has have read my books, sent me e-mails, posted positive reviews on Amazon, nominated State of the Onion for the Anthony or the Barry - and those who have supported me always. You are all wonderful and I thank you so much!

Okay, gotta run. Still a lot to do!



Shel said...

Be sure and let us know when you WIN!

Mary Kennedy said...

HUGE congrats on winning Best Paperback Original at Bouchercon, wish I could have been there, Mary Kennedy