Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Resistance is Futile

I never thought this day would come. As I've mentioned elsewhere, Curt has won only one real concession all these years ;-) and that has been, "No cats." Not that I argued all that hard. I like cats and always have, but I've always preferred dogs.

But when you have children -- even older kids -- you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Sara and her boyfriend, Luke, found two sister kittens up near his apartment at school. One kitten is black, the other black and white. Robyn and Andrew adopted the black one and named her Violet Oakley after a famous illustrator. Sara named the black and white one Miss Kitka from the old Batman movie. (Who says kids these days don't know the classics? Heh. Heh.)

Anyway, after much discussion and after meeting Miss Kitka in person, Curt has agreed to let her stay with us until Sara graduates college (2 years from now) but he stipulated that someone else needs to take the cat during the Christmas holidays. We understand that cats love to climb real Christmas trees and that's the one thing Curt won't give up (I turned him to the "dark side" on that one years ago). Robyn and Andrew have graciously agreed to take Kitka during those weeks. And if for some reason they can't, it will be up to Sara to find a friend (Luke??) to babysit for the holidays.

This may sound like a strong request, but believe me, allowing the cat to stay at all is a huge concession for Curt. He's such a softie though.

When we were discussing this away from nosy ears, he said he was feeling a little like Jean-Luc Picard in First Contact ... (paraphrasing) you give a little, you compromise a little, and then it's too late. "The line must be drawn here!" (pronounced "heah!") LOL

Well the line is at Christmas. The girls assure me they'll comply. And with any luck they won't force our assimilation during the holidays. We've discovered, too late, that resistance is futile ;-)


Shel said...

AWWWW!!!!! I have three cats, and indeed, tell Curt that resistance is futile. I have pictures of the year my Siamese decided she needed to be the ONLY Christmas tree ornament...

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I have 2 kitties and they do love trees. :) Maybe buy some tacky ornaments for the very bottom of the tree from the Walgreens. They'll be amused batting those and then won't climb the Christmas tree and go after your pretty glass balls.

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Julie Hyzy said...

Thanks for the support, and I'm sure Curt would thank you as well ;-)

Little Miss Kitka is slowly worming her way into our hearts. She's such a sweetie!


robyn hyzy said...

Ahahaha You just couldn't resist the Star Trek references! Got to love the kitty. Get ready to babysit two of them in a couple weeks!!

Bear Chick said...

We've had cats over the years and the only holiday problem we ever had was tinsel consumption. Good luck! So happy to see you've all rescued these sweet kitties!

Julie Hyzy said...

Hi Mary,
I think the husband is going to hold firm on the Christmas issue. But that's okay. My two older daughters can work together to figure out a solution.