Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pictures from Kerrytown

The Kerrytown Bookfest in Ann Arbor, Michigan this past Sunday was wonderful! Robin Agnew of Aunt Agatha's bookstore was in charge of the festival and she did a masterful job. The day was sunny and warm, but the people in Ann Arbor were even warmer. I was so lucky to have been on a panel with Joanna Carl and Miranda Bliss who were charming and full of great ideas.

Just want to share a few pics:
This is our panel in action. Angelee was a wonderful moderator. She read all our books and had specific questions prepared for each of us. That was such a delight!

Posing for pictures before running off to the signing tent....

Here we all are signing after the panel. We were also welcome to sign at the Aunt Agatha booth during the day, which I did for about an hour or so.

I met so many nice people at this event. Ann Arbor is beautiful. And of course, Curt and I had lunch at the famous Zingerman's Deli.


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