Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fan Girl

I'm so excited. My friend Rene and I have just bought tickets to go see Diana Gabaldon when she comes to Anderson's Bookshop later this month.

I have loved the Outlander series since I picked up the first in the series in 1998. I read the first four books twice, and Outlander three times. I confess that with all my book *writing* I haven't been able to keep up. Who'd a believed Diana Gabaldon could write these massive tomes faster than I could read them? I'm about halfway through The Fiery Cross and I still have A Breath of Snow and Ashes to get through before I start this new one, An Echo in the Bone.

You can't just walk in to this event. You actually have to purchase a book ($30) and a ticket ($5) in order to be allowed in. This speaks volumes about Gabaldon's popularity. I would love to be that much in demand, but I have to tell you -- I don't like the idea of charging people to attend a book talk. Maybe there are things at work in the background that I'm not aware of (and that's likely), but even as I hope to become that popular over time (I'm dreaming here), I hope no bookstore ever charges people to come to my booksignings.

But that obviously hasn't stopped me from ordering our tickets...


Shel said...

Well, I'd pay to come see you at a signing, assuming we had a bookstore here big enough to host it (somehow I don't think Books on First in Dixon is that big..darnit!), but I hope they don't start charging for signings, either. Do please, however, let me know if you happen to do a signing in the Chicago area, cause I'll move heaven and earth to be there.

Julie Hyzy said...

Aren't you sweet Shel! Thank you! I haven't done too many signings this go-round, but I hope to schedule a bunch for Eggsecutive Orders. I looked up Books on First in Dixon. What a nice store!

Thanks :-)

Shel said...

It *is* a nice store. They do a lot of promotions, I went to a midnight release of the last Harry Potter book there. Hmmm...they *did* just expand, maybe there *would* be room for a signing there...who handles that, your agent?

Julie Hyzy said...

Don't I wish!! No, at this point I handle all my signings. To be honest, I haven't done very many this year. Too crunched for time with deadlines. I hope to schedule more in 2010 and 2011. I'll definitely put Books on First on my list of bookstores to contact!

Thanks, Shel!


Shel said...

You're welcome! Sorry I missed this reply for a couple of days, things got a bit hectic - see FB for details. But I'll talk to Books on First too, and see what their setup is for signings, and tell them you might be contacting them. Cool, Julie - maybe I'll get to meet you!

bibliochef said...

Well, I have to say I agree -- charging for a book signing seems problematic to me. There are loads of relatively poor folks who are fans who use public libraries -- and we want them to -- to be literate, to love reading, and not to be penalized for the economy. . . and this seems even more so these days. And, do you know about the website, which will entertain the reader and booklover in all of us (though perhaps not the person dependent on the sales of books in some ways, though I think even those of us with books out there will find the site warming)

Julie Hyzy said...

Hi Bibliochef!
I have heard of bookcrossing and even though it's probably sacriligious of me to say so I think bookcrossing is a fabulous idea. How fun! I haven't yet signed up, but one of these days I will.
Thanks for the note!

Anonymous said...

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