Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cooper's Hawk

Last Thursday was our wedding anniversary and Curt and I went out to celebrate at Cooper's Hawk restaurant. What a fabulous experience. But then again, I don't think we've ever had a bad time at Cooper's Hawk.

Cooper's Hawk is a comfortable-chic restaurant and winery in Orland Park, IL. We are Wine Club members - which means that once a month our credit card is billed for the vintage of the month. (We're "reds.") We have the choice of picking up our bottle of wine up front in the classy and upscale store, or having it decanted (is that the right term?) for us in the restaurant. Nine times out of ten we opt for the decanting. It gives us an excuse to go there and enjoy a fun meal. For our anniversary, that's exactly what we did.

We go to Cooper's Hawk often enough to have favorites among the waitstaff. Last Thursday, for the first time, we had "Joe." I really liked Joe. He was friendly and accommodating and gave us plenty of room - time to enjoy our meal. No rushing. And yet, he was right there when we needed him. When he found out it was our anniversary, he said he would have given us champagne (too late because we had the wine) so he provided dessert instead.

What's prompting me to write this little blurb today is the realization that I've had many, many excellent experiences at Cooper's Hawk over the past couple of years and I should probably share that information with a wider audience. When my husband was out of work in 2008, we were tempted to cancel our wine club membership. But we decided that instead, *not* canceling would be our lifeline. We thought that if we stayed positive, our hope would help turn things around. For the four months he was out of work, we visited Cooper's Hawk almost every Friday for a mini-lunch of lobster bisque (best I've ever had!) and maybe a shared salad. We told ourselves that if we were keeping our heads above water enough to afford an inexpensive weekly lunch and our wine club membership, things couldn't be so bad. We told ourselves that positive thinking was paramount. And maybe that's why it worked - because we believed it so wholeheartedly.

Now that my husband's been working for over a year again, we remember those lunches at Cooper's Hawk with great fondness. Ten minutes from our house, it's become our place. And since we've adopted it, we've discovered that the restaurant's owner went to the same high school my husband did - Marist. And I'm a Maria girl. Chicago South-siders, unite ;-)

A neighborhood restaurant with the feel of downtown Chicago, Cooper's Hawk is a fabulous place to go for special occasions and for every day enjoyment. In fact, we're heading back there again tomorrow night with friends. Can't wait.


Shel said...

Hubby's a South-Sider too. I'm sending him to this post, in hopes we'll get to visit Cooper's Hawk soon!

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