Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Radio and Wine

Very excited. Today I'm going to be interviewed on Talk of the Sun Coast, in Sarasota, Florida at 1:00 PM Eastern, which is noon, Central time. Cliff Roles is the interview host and I'm delighted to have the opportunity to discuss Hail to the Chef.

Last year, I believe it was this program that caught me unprepared for one of the questions. Cliff liked the idea of recipes in State of the Onion a great deal, but surprised me by asking: "Do you have any recipes for meat?"

Well, of course I did. But my mind went totally blank. I think I said, "uhhh.." as I whipped the book open and paged through the recipe section. Side dishes, desserts, breakfast pastries... no meat. I kept paging... as the dead radio air hung between us. "Uh..." I think I said again (missing the Virginia Ham completely as I paged back and forth). Finally, just to have something to say, I offered, "There's a recipe for green beans." My not-so-fast-on-my-feet thinking went like this: Green beans make a great side dish for meat.

One of my daughters was in Sarasota at the time. and had been listening in. She called me immediately after the program practically choking with laughter. "Green beans are meat??" she laughed. Since then it's become quite the family joke.

Today, I hope to redeem myself. Wish me luck ;-)

In other news -- please visit Mystery Lovers' Kitchen where today I'm blogging about wine served at the White House!

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Lesa said...

It's all over by now! I hope your interview went well, Julie! No blank minds this time?