Monday, June 08, 2009

La Vie en Rose - Printers Row Lit Fest

We had a wonderful time this weekend. And, despite the rain, the endless refrain of "La Vie en Rose" (which was really quite lovely once the volume was set at a manageable level), and the economy, dedicated readers came out to the Printers Row Lit Fest in droves. There was even a wedding on site (the couple had their first date at Printers Row).

I'll try to add pictures here throughout the day.

Just before Printers Row Lit Fest 2009 opened on Saturday morning.

Jack Fredrickson, Sam Reaves, and Margery Flax

Another view...

Dinner Saturday night at The Italian Village Restaurant in Chicago's Loop. Tim Broderick, his wife, Kathy, and our bookseller, Augie Aleksy

From left: Jamie Freveletti, Cathy O'Connell, Judy Bobalik and Craig McDonald

Michael A. Black, Sara Paretsky, Bob Goldsborough and the back of Raymond Benson's head ;-)

Luisa Buehler smiles for the camera, while Margery Flax turns away. Another lovely view of the back of Raymond Benson's head. Is he camera shy?


As usual, Jack Fredrickson holds women in thrall...

Margery Flax, Jamie Freveletti and Cathy O'Connell are back for more fun, more music, but less rain, on Sunday.

See what great things happen when authors agree to coordinate their outfits? Bookseller Lynda (seated), Michael A. Black, Bryan Gruley and Sean Chercover must have planned for weeks to get this just right.

The long busy weekend took its toll in the last couple hours.
Margery Flax and Michael Allen Dymmoch in their "We're tired" shot ;-)


Sally said...

Hey - just want to leave a shout out : ) to Jack Fredrickson (and, darn, I'd already purchased his books), Michael Allen Dymmoch and Bob Goldsborough (but I got to buy some of their's) - three more gracious authors you'd never get to meet...we were there on Sunday - after a long, rain-beaten day - and all three couldn't have been nicer, friendly and more open to questions. I'm so glad MWMWA had a booth - can't wait for next year! Nice job and thanks!

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