Monday, June 09, 2008

Printers Row!

Pics from our Midwest MWA appearance at Printers Row:

Before the first readers arrived on Saturday, we were decorated and ready for a full weekend of fun!

Saturday morning started out with a bang, and it never let up. We had an almost-constant flow of readers eager to talk with our authors ... and buy books. Here, Luisa Buehler directs a new fan to check out his purchases with our Centuries and Sleuths bookseller - Lynda.

Sunday morning, right before we opened the booth - Jess Lourey and Julia Buckley smile for the camera. Little did they know that within about an hour or so, all those books in front of them would be gone ... into the hands of happy readers.

Ever the great guy, Michael A. Black took to the streets to encourage readers to come visit the MWA booth. He made them offers they couldn't refuse ;-)

Sunday afternoon the skies opened and the monsoon began. This is a view from the side of our booth ... those are our balloons, trying gamely to stay afloat.
Despite the rain (it showered Saturday for a while, too), the rolling thunder and cracks of lightning that sent us all scurrying for shelter, Chicagoans by the hundreds returned when the sun came back out Sunday afternoon, and they continued to talk to us and buy our books up until almost the very last minute of the fair.
Can't wait till next year!!