Monday, June 23, 2008

Once Upon A Crime in Minnesota

I can't say enough about Pat and Gary, or about their bookstore -- Once Upon A Crime. Michael A. Black and I drove up there for a Saturday booksigning and we had a wonderful, wonderful visit. We'd met Gary before, but this was the first time we'd met Pat. They both made us feel so welcome and they encouraged visitors to the store to come over and meet us. Almost everyone walked away with a book. And most folks picked up one from each of us.

In addition, we got to see our great friend, Carl Brookins. He stopped by to say hello and to pose for a photo with Mike.
Carl is great. He's such an interesting fellow - I enjoy reading his reviews and I am a great fan of his "author salon" -- which was introduced at Magna Cum Murder last year and reprised at Love Is Murder (and at LCC as well?). His The Case of the Greedy Lawyers which debuted in hardcover, was just released in paperback by Nodin Press.

We also had the opportunity to meet Julie Kramer, whose
Stalking Susan will be coming out July 15th. She'll have her book launch at Once Upon a Crime that day, so if you're in the area, be sure to stop by and pick up a copy. In the picture at the right, Julie Kramer holds a copy of People magazine. This issue -- with the late Tim Russert on the cover -- names Stalking Susan as a summer hot read (page 43). Check it out!

Pat and Gary have created a haven for booklovers in Minneapolis and I'm honored and delighted that they invited us to come up there for a signing. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by.

Thanks, Pat and Gary!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Movie Recommendation

My 16-year-old had her wisdom teeth out today. She has boatloads of ice cream, broth, and friends to keep her company, and because the kids can't do much else, they're watching movies. The first on today's docket is one I like very much -- but one that didn't get a lot of play when it first came out.

The Prestige stars Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Caine. It came out about the same time as The Illusionist (with Edward Norton), and though both films involve magicians, illusion, and distraction, the stories are very different. Where The Illusionist is a story of romance, The Prestige is one of intrigue.

I don't want to say much about the story, lest I ruin it, but if you likes movies that keep you guessing, you should make time to see The Prestige.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Once Upon A Crime Bookstore Event

Just thought I'd mention that I'll be at the Once Upon A Crime Bookstore in Minneapolis, MN this Saturday, from noon - 2:00PM with Michael A. Black. He'll be signing his newest, Random Victim, and I'll be signing State of the Onion.

This is a great mystery bookstore -- and if you're in the area, I hope you pop in and say hello:

Hey, cool thing I just noticed today ... if you look at that photo of all the books on the shelves, you can see a copy of Artistic License kinda near the left edge of the picture. I thought that was really neat!

More later ...

Be well.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Printers Row!

Pics from our Midwest MWA appearance at Printers Row:

Before the first readers arrived on Saturday, we were decorated and ready for a full weekend of fun!

Saturday morning started out with a bang, and it never let up. We had an almost-constant flow of readers eager to talk with our authors ... and buy books. Here, Luisa Buehler directs a new fan to check out his purchases with our Centuries and Sleuths bookseller - Lynda.

Sunday morning, right before we opened the booth - Jess Lourey and Julia Buckley smile for the camera. Little did they know that within about an hour or so, all those books in front of them would be gone ... into the hands of happy readers.

Ever the great guy, Michael A. Black took to the streets to encourage readers to come visit the MWA booth. He made them offers they couldn't refuse ;-)

Sunday afternoon the skies opened and the monsoon began. This is a view from the side of our booth ... those are our balloons, trying gamely to stay afloat.
Despite the rain (it showered Saturday for a while, too), the rolling thunder and cracks of lightning that sent us all scurrying for shelter, Chicagoans by the hundreds returned when the sun came back out Sunday afternoon, and they continued to talk to us and buy our books up until almost the very last minute of the fair.
Can't wait till next year!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

The MWA and Printers Row!!

Between preparing for our MWA meeting in St. Louis (June 4th) and preparing for the Midwest MWA's first appearance at Printers Row coming up this weekend (June 7-8), I almost forgot about the blog!

If you're in the Chicago area and you're looking for a wonderful, literary time, be sure to come to Printers Row, just south of Chicago's Loop at Dearborn and Polk. Our MWA chapter has one-quarter of a tent there this year. Look for us. We'll be at KK, quadrant 1. That means we face north. Can't wait. I'm really excited.

Lots of authors will be signing at our tent including MWA authors from other parts of the country. I hope this is the start of an annual Midwest-MWA event.

I'll be signing, too, of course. But I don't have an actual signing *time* - I'll just be there all weekend, except for an official signing time with Big Sleep Books at 1:00 on Sunday, and quick trips to the ladies' room.

Hope to see you there!