Monday, May 19, 2008

Hail to the Chef

Guess what! Hail to the Chef, the second in White House Chef Mystery series is coming out in December. That's a full month earlier than I expected!

I noticed it on with the December date, and I got in touch with Berkley to see if this was correct -- and it is.

I'm particularly thrilled, because this second book in the series is set during preparations for the White House Holiday season and the timing of the book's release will now coincide (well, pretty close) with the timeframe of the story.

Here's the link to the Amazon site: Hail to the Chef: Julie Hyzy: Books There's no cover art yet but I can't wait to see what the artists come up with this time, because the cover of State of the Onion was wonderful! As soon as I get a copy of the cover of Hail to the Chef, I'll post it here.


Oh, and I received an e-mail from the bookstore Reading On Walden. Michael A. Black and I appeared at the Beverly Library (Chicago) last Thursday and we had a wonderful time. John Presta, one of the owners of Reading On Walden, is also an avid blogger, and he sent me a link to his post:

I hope you'll read his reviews and bookmark his site. I have!

John is encouraging me to be a better blogger - He suggested I post more often than once or twice a month as has been my habit (except for recent Edgar/Ringling events). He also suggested I host guest bloggers and develop a stronger theme for the site. I think he's got some great ideas and I intend to put them into practice starting now ;-)

Stay tuned.


li said...

That's great news - am looking forward to it.

Re blogging, I think it's whatever works best for you. Sure, I subscribe to quite a few authors' blogs and I suspect it's probably a decent promo tool, but what's most important is that you provide the latest news and updates on releases - like this post :-)

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