Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Continued ...

Where was I?
Still at Mysterious Bookshop, right?

I had the pleasure of meeting James Lincoln Warren -- whose stories regularly grace Alfred Hitchcock's pages. Speaking of AHMM - Linda Landrigan was there too. As was her new assistant, Laurel. Jim was great to talk with. We got along famously and became fast friends.

There were so many people I met for the first time -- Chris Knopf, Jonathan Santlofer, Elaine Flynn ... I know I'm missing a whole boatload of names here. What I loved about the event was just how much fun it was to chitchat and talk with some of these paragons of the mystery world. It's just such a wonderful feeling to belong to this great group.

Ken Bruen was there -- we've met before, but I don't think he remembered me. That's par for the course LOL

Oh, and I met Sarah Weinman! How cool is that? I guess I should've recognized her from her pic on her blog, but I didn't. I read that blog all the time ... it was just cool.

It's hard to describe, but bumping and talking, and being in the presence of so many wonderful books and authors was just the best. I found myself smiling a lot.

After the signing and the schmoozing, I walked with Judy Bobalik, and Roseann and Reed Coleman to a nearby restaurant. The area around the bookstore gets a little dicey at night, but I felt totally comfortable (might have had something to do with Reed looking so intimidating in his leather jacket) . Dinner and conversation was great. Lots of fun.

Back at the hotel, we all sat around in the bar and talked about the upcoming Edgar Awards. I was just awed to be there with so many great folks and with nominees Reed and Ken. Both were so very magnanimous about their nominations.

I had a wonderful ... very full ... day.

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